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Uganda Gorilla Permit Booking Information

Each tourist who wants to trek gorillas need gorilla permit which is at 700$ US dollars in Uganda and 1500$ US in Rwanda. We provide relevant gorilla permit booking information for gorilla permits in Uganda  and gorilla permits in Rwanda  to enable you plan your gorilla safari well.

It’s advisable you have to obtain a gorilla permit several months in advance and this should be done at least 4 months in advance. If your Safari trip includes gorilla trekking, at Alpha Adventure Safaris  we always request payment for your gorilla permit fee in advance to enable us acquire it for you. Our online payment is very secure.

When gorilla permit is accrued, gorilla trekking is guaranteed. Uganda gorilla permits and Rwanda gorilla permits are very competitive and scarce most especially during peak seasons of June, July, August, September, December and February. Sometimes gorilla tracking permits get sold out four to five months in advance so any tourist has to book a gorilla permits 3-4 month in advance.

Uganda gorilla permit?

What is a Uganda gorilla permit?

A Uganda gorilla permit is a card issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority that allows tourists above 16 years of age to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda that is in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park and Mgahinga National Park. A gorilla permit allows you to trek and view gorillas for only one hour but the gorilla trekking itself can take a minimum of 30 minutes or up to ten hours while watching gorillas.

How much price does a Uganda gorilla permit cost?

It’s in Uganda where you can get a cheap gorilla permit at USD 700$, please note that, Gorilla permits in Rwanda were increased up to $1500 per individual. The permit offers you one hour with the mountain gorillas in a group of 8 people. Each gorilla permit can only be used once for a particular date by a single person to trek Uganda gorillas in one particular destination in only the two of Uganda gorilla destinations, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National.

How to Book a gorilla permit for

When you want a secure gorilla permit book with our secured online payment or our Bank transfer (TT) . Kindly contact us with your chosen Date/month/year when you intend to trek gorillas in Uganda so that we will cross-check in our availability of gorilla permits. Alpha Adventure Safaris will send you an invoice for you to make payment on our secured online payment and once we receive your gorilla payment on our account, then we will pre purchase your permits and send you scanned copies.

When making your gorilla permit payments we shall need your passport details which are used by Uganda Wildlife Authority to print on your gorilla permits.

Now our expertise have given you all the information about Gorilla Permit Booking at your finger tips, Lets we and you make a memorable tailor-made gorilla trekking package you’re your life time. Remember we are selective in our trade partnerships, only committing to tourism partners who share our values, whose service and conduct reflects our commitment to service and those who are consistent and transparent in their decisions and actions to fulfill our commitments with integrity therefore expect good meals, Accommodations, transportation etc…

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