Solo Safari Holidays In Uganda

solo traveler to uganda safaritour

In Uganda, there are some safari destinations and lodges which have better conditions for single & solo travelers compared in other Africa countries. With Alpha Adventure Safaris, we are the best solo/single tour company that knows not only the best places to go but we can advise you on the different options available for your adventure solo safari.


solo traveler to uganda safaritourSolo/single travelers coming for a safari/tour in Uganda the majority of our solo/single travelers prefer to join safari/tour groups, and consequently we have tailor made safari itineraries that will best suit group safaris across Uganda and East Africa in general. These Safari/tour groups are usually set-date trips and most of them set of on 14th of every month, and all these Uganda safaris/tours are led by some of Uganda’s best safari/tour guides. These Safari/Tour trips  in Uganda are particularly suitable for singles, as the cost of the guides ,Safari vehicle, twin room, fuel/gas, etc is split between everyone in the group, enabling them to be led by some of the top guides in Uganda.

In a safari/tour group, you’ll have the company of like-minded solo/single travelers touring in a small group which can in particular be sociable activity and it’s often better to have company in the car as some days we drive long distances during your safari/tour.


A Ugandan carefully designed tailor-made adventure safari/tour holiday for single/solo people is the best option for those holiday makers who prefer not to be with the same people for an entire trip. They just need to tell as what kind of experience they are looking for, and we will design a safari/tour trip around their interests.

Our Uganda tailor-made trips can also be designed for single/solo travellers, couples or small groups. Some of our safari/tour trips are amazing if you’re travelling on your own; they work even better! But others aren’t ideal and we wouldn’t recommend them.


Many lodges in Uganda and East-Africa in particular do not give discounts for single people in one room, so solo travelers on a safari/tour are effected by paying for an extra person who isn’t there. We have therefore with a lot of considerations picked the best lodges for single travelers, to make their solo/single safari/tour a success in Uganda. There are a variety of camps and lodges which is great for solo/single safari/tour holidays in Uganda.

Solo/Single Safari-Tour In Uganda:- why joining a Ugandan or East African safari/tour on your own could be your lifetime  holiday ever.

A small group safari/tour, like many solo/single tailor made offered here at Alpha Adventure Safaris, can be perfect for solo/single  travelers to Uganda and East Africa in particular.
 Here’s how to make the most tips of a solo/single traveler in a group safari/tour:
  • At Alpha Adventure Safaris, we always advise Single/Solo travellers to Uganda to be flexible, have a Relaxation, flow, and enjoy with the new family group you have joined. Always be focused on the fantastic things you are seeing and experiencing, rather than the behave. Be open to suggestions and ideas from your travel mates – they might introduce you to something you’d never have come across on your own.
  • To have enjoyable time as a solo/single traveler, contribute to the safari/tour group. You can do something and make the safari/tour trip more fantastic for everyone onboard. You can introduce the group to your favorite game or conduct a fun winners ceremony on the last night of your safari/tour for solo/single travelers.
  • Choose a different seat every day of a safari/tour. Usually everyone chooses a seat on the safari/tour vehicle on the 1st day and they stick to it for the entire safari/tour-holiday! Keep changing to a new seat , It’s not only a great but also to meet everyone else on board to know more about them.
  • You don’t need to be silent, be friendly and interested in your travel companions. Break the ice by asking them about their home towns and previous travels. Learning everyone’s names quickly will endear you: usually it’s the solo/single travelers who know everyone is first, as a safari/tour group talk to each.
  • Alpha Adventure Safaris always we advise you to arrive a day or two early. This gives you time to adjust to jetlag, recover from your journey and get a feel for your new environment. I assure you to do this and when you meet your group, you will be refreshed, feel confident and already for adventure safari/tour around Uganda and East-Africa in general. It will also give you some of local stories to tell (this really helps you to have a contribution on the first day of your safari/tour in Uganda.
  • Book your gorilla permit and chimpanzee permit in time, as this will help organiser to book for the entire safari/tour group in the same gorilla trekking location.
  • Being approachable on a safari/tour it’s  a good thing. Solo travelers gravitate towards each other. A single/solo traveler on their own on your safari/tour, it’s likely that you’ll get to know each other much quickly. Seasoned solo/single travelers spot each other instantly and they always start off striking up conversations. Expect after your Uganda or East African safari/tour of solo/single with more new Face book friends and email addresses than you would ‘ve travelled with a partner or friend.