Sipi Falls Safaris in Uganda

Travel from Mbale town through Sironko, Branch off from Muyembe Junction to Kapchorwa, After Sipi falls, branch off from tarmac at a trading center called Chema to Kapkwai forest exploration center (2050MASL) (7kms from tarmac

This trek takes 4-5 days.

Day 1: Kapkwai to Tutum Cave(2667M ASL)-Safaris in Uganda
11 Km walk for 3-4Hrs.
Trek through Mixed montane forest made up of dense forest dominated by a range of species in a variety of combinations. the main species being Podocorpus and remnbants of Anigeria spp.

En-route are the magnificent Chebonet Falls, Kapkwai cave, Wiri ridge view point, tropical forest mammals notably Baboons, monkeys, water bucks, bush bucks, duikers, and a variety of birds.

Day 2: Tutum to Kajeri camp(3383M ASL); Safaris in Uganda
17Km walk for 5Hrs.
The Enormous tutum cave is believed to be connecting Uganda and Kenya (Tutum & Kitum) This includes traversing through the mixed bamboo forest.
Attractions include; Primates like Black & White Colobus monkeys, flying Mammals,(Fruit Bats) inhabiting caves, Scenic attractions notably Kajeri Valley, Spectacular ridges, Kajeri waterfalls.

Day3: Kajeri to Mude Cave Camp (3500M ASL); Safaris in Uganda
21Km walk for 6-7Hrs.
Heath and Moorland.This altitude extends from 3383 and drastically raises to 4000M ASL with in the Caldera rim and gradually drops to 3500M ASL at Mude cave camp.
This Zone is endowed with numerous attractions such as Kajeri Valley, Dirigana falls, Sipi River, Muyembe Valley, Mubiyi Peak and rock Sculptures, world cup shaped rock, high altitude plants notably scenecio, Lobelia Elgonesis, Forget me not, Ladles mantle, caldera, siyo cave among others.

Day 4: Mude to Wagaga the highest peak (4321M ASL) and back to Mude. At Mude one can chose whether to descend by sasa trail or go same way as ascend

HIKING ON SASA TRAIL Safari/tour  (ONE OF THE OPTIONS) Safaris in Uganda
Day one:
spend a night in Mbale ( Hotel to be arranged) at 7:00 AM transfer to Budadiri UWA office 30 kms from Mbale town
From the UWA office at Budadiri drive about 7 kms to the end of the road at Bumasola (1,790 feet). This is still in community land. Here the trail becomes a single gravel track that requires concentration on foot placement so don’t slip! You will thread your way along narrow paths amongst maize fields and cross small streams as you climb gradually through the farmland and hamlets. The views, even at this early stage, are fantastic. Every inch of land is being used to grow maize, coffee, onion, bananas, tomatoes and potatoes and there are goats, chickens and cows blocking the pathway at regular intervals. Then you hit the ladders at the magnificently named “Wall of Death”. In times gone by the only way to climb this part of the route was via frayed rope ladders, now, however, there are well maintained metal staircases that make the ascent of the cliff faces far easier. Now you enter the forest. You may see some monkey species, butterflies and lots of birds … think back a hundred years … there would have been elephant here! The climb up to camp from here is cooler and less steep, very do-able. Sasa River Camp has basic toilets and wooden ‘A’ frame huts. We suggest that you put up your tent inside the hut as this will provide extra warmth

Day two: Sipi Falls Safaris in Uganda

Sasa River Camp – Mude Caves Camp ( 3500 ASSL): Although this day is shorter, this section is where the altitude will begin to chip in. From the forest zone you enter the heather zone, tall, scratchy heater plants with red-hot poker flowers and giant lobelias. Maude Caves camp has phenomenal views into a still forested valley. The wind may get up and keep you cold here so be prepared. . Keep a look out for fresh scats though, civets, hares and hyrax scats are seen often.

DAY three: Sipi Falls Safaris in Uganda

:Mude Caves Camp – Wagagai Summit ( 4321 MASL) – return: The same is true about the weather on the way to and from the summit. The climb is relatively steep and at altitude feels harder than it really is. Take it slow and you will summit. The fantastic views are well worth the climb. Try to hit the summit in the morning to avoid cloud and hopefully get the best weather. ( Depending on the fitness of the visitors, they could return down on the same day or spend a night at Mude and decend the same route next morning. Vehicle to pick you up. you could stay at sipi and take a view of the falls

A fee of 75$ is charged to both Foreign Non Residents and Foreign Residents, per person per day.

A fee of about 5$ is also charged for camping per night per person.

A sleeping tent
A sleeping bag
A sleeping mat.
Enough drinking water each person,
Warm clothes.
Hiking shoes
All the food required for the days one is to spend up the mountain. its normally calculated at 10$ per day per person. Your cook will help you procure the food of your choice or as he may advise or better still you could carry your own

A cook can be hired at 8$ per day.
A porter at 6$ per day.
Porterage and cook fees are paid to Mt. Elgon trekkers association. Our staff in Budadiri office will help here.

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