Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Safari-Photographic Safari/Tour in Uganda and Rwanda

Alpha Photographic Safari

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most popular tourist destination. Queen Elizabeth National Park diverse ecosystems, which include savanna grassland, humid forests, creator lakes and fertile wetlands, make it the ideal habitat for classic big game, ten primate species including chimpanzees and over 500 species of birds. Just next to  Rwenzori Mountains National park, the Queen Elizabeth National Park include dozens of enormous craters lakes with green hills, panoramic views of the Kazinga Channel on its banks lined with hippos, buffalo and elephants, and the plains of Ishasha, whose fig trees hide lions ready to pounce on herds of unsuspecting Uganda kob. As well as its outstanding wildlife attractions, Queen Elizabeth National Park has a fascinating cultural history. There are many opportunities for photographers to have a better shoots at Queen Elizabeth National Park.