Enjoy the best of the budget safaris and tours Uganda has to offer.

Budget Camping Safaris and tours in Uganda

Camping and budget safari in uganda

An authentic Uganda wild safari experience where tourists stay in the wild

Tents will be provided to our Clients for camping in designated campsites with security
The driver/Guide will help in setting up the Tent for your comfort
Camp Fire is one of the services to be provided when camping
Meals of your choice and a soft drink is to be provided each time you are to have Lunch and Dinner at the Restaurants we will have chosen for your suitability.
Breakfast of your choice is to be served at the agreed time everyday
Showers and Toilets are provided in each Campsite and therefore unnecessary movements within the Parks must be prohibited so as to observe safety since Wild animals live within camping perimeters.

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Cars used in Uganda Budget Safaris

authentic Africa safari experience where travellers stay in the wild

Enjoy both The Night game drive and day safaris in Uganda national parks with Alpha Tours and Adventures

For group Tours, Cars designed for Safaris will be provided to suite the numbers of clients. These will include;
Open roofed Super Customs that can accommodate 1-9 clients, Mini Cars like Rav4 that can occupy 3 clients and a guide, Land Cruisers among others that may suite your Tour.

Visit the best Uganda has to offer in thirteen days/few dollars

Rwenzori Trekking Safaris & Tours

We also offer budget tours and travel for travelers wishing to go hiking mountain Rwenzori in Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda Cultural and Community Budget Tours

Uganda Budget Cultural Tours and Community Tours

see how the Karamojong live, the houses where you have to bend down to enter through a small entrance, observe community life, and one of the highlights is of course the traditional dancing

The Cultural tours take you to Uganda’s most interesting and undiscovered places like Buganda (Kampala City Tour), Busoga, Bunyoro, Bugisu and the Karamojong. Book a cultural safari tour to Uganda and encounter this incredible cultures.